See the World, Find Yourself!


Experience their Past, Your Present and Our Future

  • Spend 7-10 days exploring the 1000 year old Jewish legacy in Poland from the Medieval period to the Holocaust for $600 or less

  • Discover the joy of 300 years of Polish Chassidic heritage

  • Feel the pain of 6 million Jewish souls lost in the Holocaust

  • Connect yourself to the unbroken chain of the Jewish people

  • Some trips include extension options to Prague, Vienna or Moscow

  • Trip cost includes airfare, hotels, and three meals a day!


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"Visiting Poland literally changed the way I view what it means to be Jewish . . . and what it means to be human! Walking the land of our ancestors was the most humbling experience of my life."


Discover your Jewish heritage while touring Israel for $600 or less!

  • Explore off the beaten path parts of Israel that Birthright doesn't show you

  • Delve into your heritage by studying Jewish philosophy, ethics, and mysticism through lecture, discussion, and Talmudic and Kabbalistic text-based learning

  • Trips are 14 days long and cost includes airfare, hotels, and 3 meals a day!

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“I always thought of Judaism as a burden that my family had carried around for generations. Now I view it as a gift. All thanks to Jewish Connection!” - J.W., Syracuse NY