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“I always thought of Judaism as a burden that my family had carried around for generations. Now I view it as a gift. All thanks to Jewish Connection!” - J.W., Syracuse NY

Jewish Leaders Fellowship

"I used to think that Judaism was a bunch of outdated stories and meaningless rituals. I never imagined Judaism had so much to say about relevant topics to my every day life!"

Not Your Hebrew School Experience!

In Hebrew School you may have learned the "What"  about Judaism. Now learn the "Why!"


  • Join 15,000 students on hundreds of campuses throughout the world in the premier on-campus Jewish educational initiative, the Maimonides Jewish Leaders Fellowship.

  • Explore ancient Jewish wisdom's take on spirituality, relationships, happiness and the meaning of life to prepare you for a life of success and meaning.

  • Experience a Shabbat retreat in a warm Jewish community

  • 10-Week Fellowship participants receive a $200 cash stipend or flight voucher

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