Although the Jewish people are less than 1% of the world's population, Jewish professionals can be found at the top of most fields. Take advantage of these friends in high places who want to help you succeed with the following career networking opportunities:


  • Get your dream internship in Israel, New York, or D.C. with prestigious companies in high tech, medicine, psychology, politics, business, and more. With over 1,000 incredible companies to chose from we have the right internship for you in your field!

  • Past partners include John's Hopkins and Sharei Tzedek Hospitals, IBM, Finn Partners, and Senators and Congressmen on Capital Hill. 

  • Build your career while learning about your heritage!

Additional Opportunities include:

  • Networking - Get connected with leading Jewish professionals in your field for mentorship, networking events, and discussions in your area

  • Business and Medical Ethics - learn what ancient Jewish sources say about real-life modern ethical dilemmas and build your values for life. Earn Cash stipends while you learn lessons for life!



"Having a computer programming internship in Israel while learning about Judaism was a perfect balance between ancient wisdom and modern technology! It gave me the ability to stay connected to my heritage while building my future career."

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“I always thought of Judaism as a burden that my family had carried around for generations. Now I view it as a gift. All thanks to Jewish Connection!” - J.W., Syracuse NY