Connecting Jewish Students

to Themselves, Each Other, and to Judaism 



See the World, Find Yourself


Explore the world, your Jewish heritage, and yourself on our heavily subsidized trips to Israel, Poland, or the Western U.S. all for as low as $300 or free depending on eligibility! 


Advance Your Career While Building  Yourself

 Take advantage of these friends in high places who want to help you succeed with our career networking opportunities! 


Learn and Earn


Explore ancient Jewish wisdom's take on spirituality, relationships, and happiness to prepare you for a life of success and meaning while earning cash stipends!


Home Away From Home


Enjoy delicious home cooked Shabbat dinners, warm hospitality with hosts in nearby Jewish communities, and connect to your friends while tasting the beauty of your Jewish heritage.

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“I always thought of Judaism as a burden that my family had carried around for generations. Now I view it as a gift. All thanks to Jewish Connection!” - J.W., Syracuse NY